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I met James through the same mutual friend through which I met Alex. Another gradual friendship, he has become a key inspiration to me and my artwork. James is a web designer, photographer, and also runs Golden Eagle with Alex, and he’s damn good at all of it. One of the most laid back individuals I’ve ever met, I cannot recall ever having a bad time with James. He embodies all the qualities i searched for with the “Extended Family” project and you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who had a bad word to say about James. In addition to being one of my favorite people to just hang out with, James is a constant inspiration to my photography. We’ve worked on projects together before and are always sharing work. Sometimes he’s been the best person to converse with about photography in general or the direction we want to take our specific crafts. Being one of my favorite creative minds, he was of course the one I went to for creation of both my business cards and my website. I can always count on James if I’m in a creative rut or need another eye on my work and one of my favorite people to hang around, making him one of the more important people in my “Immediate Family.”

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How do you make those designs


Cream + H20 + iPhone