Decided to do my own spin on Hypebeast’s Essentials 


Apple Macbook Pro 15 
Apple iPad
500GB GTECH by Hitachi G-Drive
1TB Seagate GoFlex Free Agent Time Machine Backup
RVCA Vegan Leather Card Holder
Diamond Supply Co Caribiner
Apple iPhone 4
Fuji Disposable 35mm
HUF Snapback
Vans Distressed Era
Fuji Instax 210
Glassy Nu Clear Sunhaters
Canon Shutter Remote
Lens Bracelets
Zig Zags, Beeline & Golden Eagle Co Bic Ligther
Assorted Micron Pens 
Mala Beads
Baoding Balls
Remember, Be Here Now by Ram Dass  

Unseen: Canon 5DMKII w/ Canon 50mm 1.4 //